Posted by: drizl | September 28, 2009

The World of Writing

Holy sh*t I have officially entered the world of blogging.  Setting this up has been almost as bad as writing a query letter and synopsis.  The reason I decided to start this blog was to keep a record of all the awful things and hopefully, a few good things tossed in for good measure, that happen to me as I try to get into the world of being a published author. 

I started seriously writing at the beginning of March 2009.  Since then I have completed three books two of which are a series.  I recently started working on the third book.  I began the awful process of querying not knowing a thing about it.  I still don’t really know what the heck I’m doing.  It’s a terrible process with a lot of waiting.  I’m currently waiting on nine, yep nine, open queries.  I’ve received 12 NO’s of which seven were personalized rejections.  They basically said Oooh, so close, but not quite.  Keep trying I’m sure there is an agent out there for you, it’s just not me.  To which I want to reply READ THE STORY!  Please… 

That comes me to the question of good rejections. Is it really good to get a personalized rejection? I mean it’s still a NO isn’t it?


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