Posted by: drizl | October 4, 2009

Vampires for Breakfast

Holy Crow ~ what a morning…it started out like any other day. I was grumbling about working out.  Grrr.. can’t find my tennis shoes.  Look at that, it’s drizzling again. Maybe I should skip the workout.  Maybe I’ll check my email before I go run. Grumble some more while waiting for computer to boot up. 

 Everytime I open my email I hope to see an agent’s name in the from box but this morning I get “Robert Pattinson is following you on Twitter”  Okay, yes, I know he doesn’t twitter and WTF would he be following me for, but it’s still funny to see it in my email and it makes me laugh.  Happy endorphines kick in. Grab Ipod to go for run. Turn it on and Robert Pattinson is singing in my head.  Freaky.  Start running with visions of vampires in floating in my head.  Run 2 miles.  Whoa, must remember thinking about vampires makes working out easier.  Maybe I should write a book about vampires.  No, no, no, I already have too many characters stuffed into my brain.  I do not need any new ones.  Stick to the time jumper story!  Yep, that’s what I’m going to do right now. Write some more. My people are gone so I have all day to write, write, write, but first I need to have some cereal.  Open the cupboard, grab the box and fill my bowl with Count Chocula ~ Huh?!  Maybe I should write a story about vampires!



  1. Stories are where who find them. Met an author who developed an idea for a book while sitting in a public toilet. Its title – “The Perfect Politician.”

    • Funny ~ my story ideas come out of nowhere to assault me. I try to carry a pen and paper at all times because if I don’t write it down it disappears!

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