Posted by: drizl | October 5, 2009

Silence is NOT Golden

I seem to be grumbling a lot these days.  So what is my problem? My email, my phone, pretty much everything has been freaking silent. I still have 8 queries floating around in space and I havent’ heard a thing. Not a freaking peep.

I know it’s normal for agents not to answer queries. No response means not interested, but it still is heart breaking to open up your email and see no agent’s names in the from box. I also know it’s normal for authors to keep on for years before they finally become a published author but knowing those facts doesn’t make it any easier. You keep hoping you found the right words to generate the magic needed to entice someone to want to read your book. I guess I’m still looking for those words. I just hope I can find the right ones sooner than later. 

So far I’ve written about Time Jumpers and Witches and Wizards. I looked back over my young blog and see that I got quite a few hits on my Vampires for Breakfast blog. Does that mean everyone is still into vampires? I mean I am but is everyone else and just how many authors have jumped on the bandwagon to write about vamps? I looked back through my story idea journal and lo and behold I did find a story idea with vampires as the main category.  Do I drag it out and develop it or just keep going with the stories I currently have?  Hell, I like my stories and maybe that is all that really matters! Oooh, I’m on my soapbox trying to boost up my ego. 

Okay people let’s hear it? What do you want to read about? Can anyone hear me ~ I’m using bold letters so that must mean I’m yelling!


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