Posted by: drizl | October 9, 2009

Priorities People

An email from a friend just popped up asking what I thought about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I had to choose from a list.  I quickly chose one and then added my own: eh, don’t really care…because well, I don’t really care! I have more pressing problems to deal with.  Like why the hell isn’t Robert Pattinson singing on the NEW MOON soundtrack?  I mean really! 

Even more crazy, I actually am going out to dinner with a bunch of people I don’t know and have never seen.  It makes my head hurt thinking about it. You know how it is, you walk into a restaurant pretending you know what you’re doing when really you’re trying not to look like a total idiot. How am I supposed to find these mystery people? Everyone should have been instructed to wear a yellow daisy or carry a book, yeah a book is a good idea since these people are in town for a writer’s conference.  So, I’m obsessing over that issue and what to wear and what to bring.  I mean do I show up with my laptop and parts of my manuscript or not? Good grief I’m losing my mind! What if they ask me about my book? I may pass out! I seem to be having a slight panic attack! Which brings us back to the name issue. If I ever find these people will they go around the table and introduce themselves and will I be expected to remember everyone?! I’m asking myself if all this torture is going to be worth it. 

Of course, I can hear my happy little voice in the back of my head telling me what if this is it and you get that book deal…Yeah right like that would ever happen. I promptly squash the little voice because now I remember I signed up to have my first chapter critiqued by a real live non-friend person.  Holy Shit…maybe they will just roll their eyes, pat my on the hand and tell me to find another hobby.  Hobby??

So can you see why I don’t really care about the Nobel Peace Prize.


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