Posted by: drizl | October 11, 2009

Confusing Stupid World of Book Publishing

Yep I said the Stupid world of Book Publishing.  The more I think about it the sillier I think it is for them to remain frozen in time. Why do they do things the way they do? With the success of the Harry Potter Series and the Twilight Series they still refuse to up the production of books. When you have an audience reading and wanting more why do they leave people hanging…When I walk by the “Young Adult” Section in stores and glance through the books more often than not nothing has changed.  I’m looking for new stories to devour and it’s the same old stuff on the shelf. You would think with today’s technology these book publishers would be pushing to get more books out on the shelf. And why does it have to take so long from writing the book to publishing the book?

I was at a conference this weekend and the speakers touched on the changing climate in the book publishing world. Well maybe if they don’t want to go the way of newspapers and other print medium they better step up their game and change the way they do things. I think they are really starting to fear self publishing because basically it eliminates them entirely.  The thing is self publishing is getting better and I think they should fear it. They have made getting published or even read harder than it actually should be. The whole process makes authors feel like they are jumping through hoops of fire only to be told nah or send us more but it’s still going to take 2 years for this book to get on the shelf. We are a society of NOW needs. I want it and I want it NOW and if I don’t get it I’m going to forget about you and go find something else.

Whew, (steps down off podium) maybe I’m fired up and a little bitter because I had a critique of the first chapter of the book and the dude was a %^$# about the whole thing. First he tells me the main character can’t be nineteen because that’s too old for young adult. In the first place I could care less what the book is categorized as, but really don’t people read about 19, 20,21 year olds? Then he basically tells me to put the manuscript in a drawer…WTF Yeah, not gonna happen…grumble, grumble…

So maybe that’s why I’m a crabby bitch this morning. I need to go run!



  1. I appreciate your point of view on the drag process of publishing. But in an industry where almost everything is vulnerable to criticism, it has to undergo numerous steps before it lands close to perfection. Writing can be crucial. Just imagine if all manuscripts will not undergo in-depth editing. Writing affects eternity. Because you never know when its influence stops. Keep on writing!

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    • Thanks ~ I’m gonna keep the writing going!!

  2. The guy was an editor ~ thanks for the words of encouragement!

  3. His comment on the age seems silly, especially since the people devouring the “Twilight” books and “Harry Potter” are more often than not older than the characters in the stories. So it doesn’t get classified as YA, what else could it be? Keep sending it out, it’s a numbers game. Was this guy an agent, or just someone in a critique group? If it’s the former, he’s just not the right agent for you. If it’s the latter, ignore him.

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