Posted by: drizl | October 12, 2009

Young Adult vs. Adult

Sex it up! Guess I’m going to revise my book and move it out of the young adult section and into the adult section.  According to the editor who demolished me this weekend at a writers conference young adult means you are in high school not in college. Surprise you graduate from high school and you’re a full blown adult not a young adult.  When the hell did that happen? BUT it really doesn’t matter what you are classified as.  I don’t believe in labels or neat little boxes that everyone fits into.  Who wants to be defined as a cateogry or genre. Labels are overrated!  

When I first started writing I was trying to jam my stories into the parameters set up by the industry. Obviously I didn’t realize how strict some of the people who represent specific genres are. I figured they were only guidelines which of course, are meant to be stomped on, broken apart or completely ignored.  If we didn’t do that everything would be exactly same and maybe some people are comfortable with that but I’m not.

Feel free to be yourself and when you go to a library or bookstore don’t look at the labels just find a good book to read no matter what someone else classifies it as! I don’t care what you read just so you are reading!



  1. I suppose that YA writers are supposed to be responsible for advising teens to not to have sex.

    YA is classified as 14-22 years old. Okay, so 14 is young, and even 15, but 16-22 year old Icelanders are not so innocent (not even some 15 year olds). Americans are supposedly much stricter on the matter.

    I suppose it’s always the question if writers are supposed to write “what is”, as opposed to “what should be”. Personally, I think that we’re supposed to write “what is”, and what is happening today is that teenagers are experimenting with sex.

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