Posted by: drizl | October 17, 2009

Writing & Running

For me writing and running are a lot alike.  Some days it’s easy to do other days it’s not. More like other days it totally sucks! It’s been a week of ups and downs. The ups are days when running is like floating. The high comes early and its easy to bang out the miles. The lows are when you can barely tie your tennis shoes and drag your ass out the door.  You feel like you’re shuffling down the road totally out of rythym. Running a block becomes like running through miles and miles of wet sand. Writing has been like that too. Some days the words fly out settling down on the page in just the right order. Other days I can’t remember how to spell the word and. The words fight creating sentences that make no sense. It’s almost painful to write kinda like stepping on an uneven spot in the sidewalk and feeling your ankle give out. You want to stop but you know if you do, that’s it for the day so you keep going. You make yourself plod forward trying to get to that place where everything is easy if just for a minute.

This weird journey of trying to become a published author is turning into a marathon. I was hoping for a quick sprint. Pretty fucking crazy right! So, guess I’ll lace my tennis shoes and train for a marathon instead of just letting loose for a sprint. Slow and steady toward the goal. Keep believing putting all your sweat and tears into each word you write.  The goal: a shiny book that becomes dog eared and worn because people have read it so many times enjoying the story you created.  

 But some days I’m gonna let go…dream the big dream and sprint until I can’t breathe anymore…


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