Posted by: drizl | October 19, 2009

Mouse goes Missing

Good Grief…It must be Monday! 

Run out of milk so have to eat damp cocoa puffs. Spill spot of grape juice on sleeve. Must spray or it will stain. Remember clothes in dryer from last night. Yay all are a wrinkled mess. I’ll just wash them again. No sense trying to iron. Go out for a run. Make it a block. Turn around come back home. Skip it. Decide to blog. Spend fifteen minutes looking for wireless mouse. Still can’t find it. Look at clock. Remember have to go to work for a few hours. Dammit. Can’t get online at work so must finish blog entry. Look for mouse again. Must have run off with all the pens in this house. Gather writing stuff to take to work. Need cord for laptop. Still can’t find that mouse! Easier to edit story with a mouse. Maybe I should stay away from story today. Maybe laptop will blow up and loose everything. Should do backup of stuff. Computer just freaked out and opened home page as I was typing this. Maybe I should hide in my room today. Or try writing with a pen and paper, but I can’t find any pens because they are off partying with my wireless mouse. Maybe cats stole mouse and pens.  Check email again for the ever elusive letter from an agent. Disney Couture email pops up. Do I need a $60 mickey mouse t-shirt? Look at clock again. Better take shower before work.

Have a great Monday ~

Still missing: one pink mouse & forgot to publish blog this morning


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