Posted by: drizl | October 21, 2009

Changing YA to Adult = more sexcription

So…been doing some research reading on how far to push the sex scenes since I decided to amp my once young adult paranormal romance book up to the adult paranormal romance. Actually I was told that since my main character is nineteen that moves it out of young adult. Still makes absolutely no sense to me, but (shrugs shoulders and rolls eyes) whatever!

Well, holy shit, I’m reading a paranormal romance put out by Avon books. I definitely had a different idea of that brand name.  Avon = sweet innocence…yeah not so much. I have a few more books to read but I have a feeling they are all going to be the same.

So…again I have to go back and change the book er, certain scenes.  Amp them up, make them looonnnger, more descriptive, fuck the inuendos and let it all hang out. How am I doing so far. It’s all about sexcription. Yep, my new word of the day or maybe of the year. 

Maybe I should go write a fan fict piece to get in some practice. Some of the fan fict I’ve read is, for lack of a better word, smut. Definitely interesting but still smut writing…hehehe.


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