Posted by: drizl | October 31, 2009


It has officially started…the countdown to banging out a novel in 30 days. I’m going to amp up on candy and caffiene and start when the clock strikes midnight. I have an incredibly busy week coming up so I need to pound out a few words tonight. Don’t really have any sort of a plan so it should be interesting to see what comes out of my head tonight. I’m sure it will be a bunch of shizz but ya never know until you try. And since I’m new to this gig, what’s the buddy thing? Anyone? Hellooooo, is everyone out trick or treating? Am I the only one sitting here with a witch hat on giving away viable words that should be saved for the 50,000 I need to write. I do have my Ipod ready to go. Still trying to figure out if it was worth buying the New Moon soundtrack or not. I really only like four songs. Maybe they will grow on me after I see the movie. Still a little grumbly that they didn’t have Rob Pattinson do any songs. I think I’m off track again. I’m not reviewing the New Moon sound track I’m supposed to be getting ready to write.

Ding Dong…dang kids taking all my M & M’s. How am I going to write without a sugar high?



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