Posted by: drizl | November 3, 2009

Conquering 50,000 Words

Can’t decide if I like my NaNoWriMo story or if I’m just spewing out words to get to the finish line.  It has been nice to write something original again. Lately I’ve been so caught up in revising story number one that I haven’t written anything new. Well, except for my one moment of total insanity when I wrote those book reviews as a sample of my writing style for that columnist position. I haven’t heard anything from that venture but hey, at least I tried. (rolling my eyes and shaking my head)

Hidden in my emails for this morning was another rejection from an agent. I couldn’t even remember what I sent her. Pretty weird because it barely phased me. I just opened the email, scanned it and went on to the next one. There was absolutely no hint of blood pressure rising or silently thinking please say yes, please say yes as I opened the email. Have I lost my hope or do I just not give a fuck anymore. Besides that was a totally different story I queried. I’ve reworked the entire story and moved it out of young adult. I suppose when I start querying the story again I’ll find that spark of hope. 

But first I need to conquer those fricking 50,000 words.


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