Posted by: drizl | November 4, 2009

Writing Happy…Not

Should we do a happy post today? I may have forgotten how. I guess that means no talking about more No’s from agents and everyone else in this freaking world.  It means no writing about feeling really shitty becuase you feel like it’s never gonna happen and you’re banging your head against a freaking brick wall day after day after lousy day. It means no whining about NaNoWriMo and how I’m over 10,000 words but ever single one sucks. Oh Yeah, this is supposed to be a happy post and I’m failing miserably.

What am I happy about today. It’s not snowing, but the sun has gone on hiatus for the rest of the year.  It doesn’t look windy, but I’m sure it’s chilly. I think it’s Wednesday which means it’s not Monday but that also means I have today to finish my massive visual Christmas display. Jeez, happy posts aren’t supposed to have so many buts.

Happy…Smiling…Laughing…Crap I give up…Guess we aren’t doing happy today. Ooooh, maybe the Dec. Vanity Fair issue is on the mag. stands. That’s something to be happy about. Robert Pattinson is on the cover and the photos are super Hawt, but I think I’ve already seen them all online. Hell, one of them is my wallpaper, so who needs the magazine.

This post made absolutely no sense.  Now I must put my shoes on and go in search of those running endorphins I’ve heard so much about.  Happy, Happy…


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