Posted by: drizl | November 9, 2009

Just hit Delete

Sitting here with my Ipod blaring in my ears wondering if I have anything to write today.  At the moment Jet is singing Are You Gonna Be My Girl. I’ve been working on that stupid NaNoWriMo so much my brain has literally turned to mush. I probably need to step away from the computer today and do something else. Maybe let the words rest for a day, because they sure as hell aren’t making much sense today.  I keep typing and then backspacing over and over.  That cannot be healthy and it’s definitely not productive. Oooh, a New Moon song is playing now…Shooting the Moon by Ok Go. So ready for that movie to open. Groan.

Now I’m flipping between this blog and my NaNo story. I have absolutely no focus today. I think it will be a just hit delete day in the world of my writing. Bet I won’t get anything done today and maybe that’s okay. Maybe I’ll print a copy of my book out and send it off to a friend to reread for me. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. I wonder if I have enough ink cartridges? Paper? Maybe I’ll just sit on the couch all day listening to music and typing and back spacing.

Hope your day is more productive than mine!


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