Posted by: drizl | November 14, 2009

Creating a Story without the Rules

I’ve never been a good rule follower and once again I’m proving that true, BUT it seems to be what works for me. NaNoWriMo is supposed to be about spewing words onto a page. Fifty thousand in thirty days to be exact. Do not edit just write. I tried to do that but I must confess I failed…miserably. However my word count continues to increase so editing cannot be all that bad. Maybe it’s because I don’t write using an outline. I’ve tried to follow that rule but the story and characters always lead me astray. I try to drag them back on line but they fight me tooth and nail and eventually end up ripping the outline to shreds. Outlines don’t work for me. Once I tried to build a character outline that was a dismal failure. As I wrote the story the character morphed into something totally different from who I’d orginally thought they were. So, I’ve finally given up on trying to follow all these guidelines people use to write stories. They are not for me. I’m coloring outside the lines. Heck maybe I’m not even using color crayons maybe I’m using a pen and not just any old pen maybe it has purple ink. 

With that in mind I’m going back to edit and rewrite a few parts of my NaNo story. Word count currently at 31,500.



  1. never got the whole outline thing either. I think I’ve barely broken 10k, and not really motivated to continue.

    • You should keep going! Just write ~ a lot of the words will be pure shizz but you might find the story and your characters taking you to places you never thought it would go.

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