Posted by: drizl | November 15, 2009

In Praise of Writer’s Groups

Yesterday for the first time I met with a writer’s group.  This was our first meeting and even though there were only three of us I absolutely loved it. Finally, people who can relate to me and my writing. People who are struggling with the highs and lows of the publishing world. Our plan is to meet once a month and talk about our projects. Some of us are exchanging chapters to get feedback which is an invaluable tool. 

This is something I highly recommend all authors, published or nonpublished, to do. Having people who are not in your immediate circle of friends and family to help you with writing and offer feedback is, for lack of better words, f*cking awesome! (or maybe those are the best words) We writers tend to spend a lot of time locked away in our heads frolicking with our characters and their stories. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to real people and introduce them to our characters and see if the stories we find so compelling are interesting to other people as well.

This particular writer’s group got started by me going to my first writers conference. I met another writer and we decided to start this group. It’s not hard…you just set a time and pick a spot to meet and wow, you have a writer’s group.

Besides getting your work out to other people a writer’s group can offer motivation when things aren’t going so well or push you to take the next step with your writing. Have you polished your query, have you written your synopsis? Well, what’s the hold-up? A writer’s group can help you create deadlines and goals for your writing.

So, to borrow a phrase from Nike, Just Do It ~ hook up with writers in your town or area and form a writer’s group…you never know what could happen! And now back to our regularly scheduled NaNo rant. ARghhhh! I need to get some more shizz on the computer today. It seems to be November 15th already.  Only 15 more days to complete the 50,000 words!



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