Posted by: drizl | November 17, 2009

Vampire Madness

I tried to watch the live feed of the New Moon Premiere in LA last night but the feed kept dropping off and the hosts were absolutely f*cking horrible. The show was hosted by Anya Marina who is a singer and has a song on the soundtrack. I don’t know who the guy was and I don’t really care.  He should have taken her mic away and stomped on it. Then I would go find out his name. During the interviews she kept asking everyone if they liked her song. OMG she was awful.

Enough ranting about a silly movie premiere.  I will say that Rob rocked the red carpet. hehehe. Okay back to writing. Well, we are headed in to the second half of NaNo and let me tell you I’m ready to hit that 50,000 word count so I can breathe. I have about 12,000 more words to come up with before I hit that magical number.  The sad thing is the story will not be complete but I’m really diggin’ my vamps so I’m going to continue until the story is finished. Probably have to jack it to 90,000 words or close to that number. Then the editing process will begin, but I really think I have a viable story. After I hit that fifty thousand number though I have to get my Time Jumper story ready to go out again. It will be back to the query process with the rewritten and amped up story. You will find me polishing my armour in preparation for the replies from agents and editors. One can always hope for a yes.


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