Posted by: drizl | November 19, 2009

Bustin’ Past 40k

Drum roll please…I have gone past the 40k mark in the quest to hit 50k. And let me tell you I have neglected a lot of things to get this far, but isn’t that what NaNo is all about and I’m going to do the same thing today! The house is in shambles, but hell I’m on a roll and nothing is going to stop me.

Who knew when I started this venture I would actually have a viable story. Granted it still needs work and I did cheat by doing a lot of editing and rewriting but that’s what works for me and obviously the word count is there. I tried to write without editing and rereading but I would forget valid points of the story causing me to write things that did not fit in the story. At one point a character had two sisters and one brother and a couple of chaps later they had one sister and two brothers. I didn’t catch that until I went back to edit. At this moment those secondary characters don’t have names yet! Better get the Name your Baby book out. A few days ago I read a blog about how this person does not like to name their characters. That’s one of my favorite parts about writing. Except the last names. I don’t do well with last names. In the last book I was working on I went to a cycling website and found some of my last names reading the lists of team members. So besides the last names, I love the whole naming process. Sometimes I use names because of their meaning or just because I like the name. Other times the name just pops out which obviously means well, that’s the characters name. Naming characters is much easier than having a boat load of kids. Actually, it is like having a boat load of kids without all the pain, stretch marks and cost.

How do other writers pick character names? Don’t you ever wonder how Edward Cullen came to be or why did JK Rowling pick the name Hermione? I swear it wasn’t until the 4th book that I learned how to pronounce it. I just called her H.


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