Posted by: drizl | November 20, 2009

NaNo Road Block

Okay, having a NaNo meltdown today. Maybe it’s because all I can think of is going to New Moon today. I’m such a fangirl(rolls eyes) Yesterday I got nothing…the story is at a stand still. I’m hoping for a breakthrough today. I know I’m still ahead in the word count but I really hate it when the writing ceases. I think the story is trying to tell me to take it in a slightly different direction so until I rewrite a bit of it nothing else is going to come. Freaking story lines can be stubborn, so today, before I go to New Moon, I’m going to go back in the story and go where the story is trying to pull me. I also need to write down the names of the characters because more are being introduced and I’m losing control of who they all are.

Who knew when this all started that NaNo would drive me into this story. I freaking said I’d never write about vampires but these characters have drawn me in and hooked me. I have to finish this story to find out what’s going to happen. That’s funny because with my Time Jumper story I wrote the ending of the book first, same with the sequel. I knew what the ending was so I knew where I was heading. Didn’t exactly know how I would get there but I knew where I would end up. This Vampire story has a mind of its own and I have no idea where it’s heading. Kinda exciting to write when you don’t know what’s going to happen. I actually thought I’d get nothing out of this whole adventure but if I can get over this small road block and flesh the story out I may have a really viable story. Anyway I like it, but I think I say that about most of my stories.


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