Posted by: drizl | November 21, 2009

NaNo Nightmare

No one said this was going to be easy but the last few days have been rather nightmarish in my writing world. In my other world it’s been just fine and f*ck hawt dandy.  Sorry, but I’m a fangirl and it rears it’s cute little face every once in awhile and the last few days the fangirl has been slapped with so much Robert Pattinson that she is on total overload. Maybe that’s why NaNo has hit a brick wall. So I satisfied the fangirl by going to the movie yesterday and watching all the vid clips of every stinking show he appeared on. Does this mean I can get back down to business and hit that 50k mark this weekend? I certainly hope so.

During my run today I came up with some viable options for the direction of the NaNo story. I actually made myself just write crap last night and I may have accidentally hit on something. Granted I haven’t reread last nights writing. In fact I’m a little frightened because I really did force myself to just write something, writing anything…even if it’s just shizz which I’m sure it is but it doesn’t matter because I’m writing…Right? I’ve lost my cotton picking mind.

Plan for the day…WRite  REwrite WRite some more REwrite…Where the hell is that 50k Anyone see it?


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