Posted by: drizl | November 23, 2009

NaNo is in the Can (almost)

I took my writing on the road last night to meet up with some fellow NaNoers. I love meeting other writers. It must me feel, well not so weird in my quest to getting published. Most people who blog about writing are published writers or have gotten that YES from an agent. Me ~ not so much. I’m still one of those writers who is wallowing in the muck and mud trying to get someone to notice my work. Have I mentioned that querying sucks.

Back to NaNo. It has been an experience. Writing all the time with that deadline looming over my head constantly taunting me has been at times trying and other times exhilarating(that’s when you lose control of the words and they just spill out onto the page) – oh AND the words actually make sense and move the story forward. Gawd, that’s awesome! The past few days I’ve read plenty of blogs where the NaNoer is throwing in the towel. Why toss the towel when it’s not even Nov. 30th? Let me tell you my story is no where near complete but dammit I’m going to make it to 50k. Too bad for me the story will not be finished at 50k so I must push forward to oh I don’t know somewhere between 85,000 to 90,000. A lot of paranormal romance publishing houses require the story be between 80k-100k. All these f*cking guidelines can drive a writer mad. I think the story should dictate how long it should be, but what do I know I’m not published….YET!  Bahahahaha


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