Posted by: drizl | November 26, 2009

4 Miles and 50k…

And I raced past the finish line last night.  Now all that’s left is the official confirmation from the NaNoWriMo site that I actually have the 50k to win the challenge. Tomorrow I’m going to do the upload, get the good news and claim my badge. It’s been a good f*cking Thanksgiving day. I’m sitting on my laurels of reaching that 50k and I’m also celebrating the fact that I accomplished another goal I had secretly tucked away.  Today I ran the section.  Yep all of it. I didn’t stop once. For those who do not know a section is 4 miles. Never did I think I would be running again. But I am. I guess I never would have guessed I would be writing like a maniac either, but I am. I know longer can imagine existing without writing. I crave it. Some days nothing comes from writing, but other days the words slide out and fill the page. I love those days. I guess on this fine Thanksgiving Holiday I had an epiphany. Maybe it was because I was in totally oxygen debt but I am ready to claim the title of Writer. I am a writer. No I am not published…YET…but I am still a writer.



  1. There should be a 12-step program for unpublished writers to admit to the world (and themselves) that they are writers. “Hello, my name is Julie, and I am a writer!”

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