Posted by: drizl | November 27, 2009

It’s Official ~ Word Count 50k plus

I am now an official winner *throws confetti toasts self*  And now the real work begins. The story is not complete and I definitely need to go back to the beginning and edit A LOT! Taking the NaNo challenge was pure madness. There were days I thought I would end up typing “my story sucks” over and over to reach the 50k but I stuck to it and finally I had the 50k. And ya know, I’m sure I’ll do it again next year.  Unless of course I sign a major multi book multi million dollar deal.  Bahahahaha. 

NaNo made me focus on writing the story and although I did edit some my main thing was to keep writing and somewhere hidden among all the adverbs, the ands, buts and likes there turned out to be a viable story.  Now I just have to go back and calm down the adverbs and lose some of the extra words.  I no longer have a deadline looming over my head but the story has sucked me in and I desperately want to know how it ends. And after all the promises and never gonna happens…I am a now a writer of a shmexy vampire story.  Holy shit!



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I didn’t do nano this year, because I’m focusing on a few children’s books this year. I hope to next year though, and I love hearing people’s stories. I hope you do sign that book deal!

    • I love your twelve step comment. It’s so appropriate especially when well meaning friends keep on asking why aren’t you published yet. I mean you finished the book so what’s the hold-up. Just get an agent an move forward. Ah, if only it was that easy. I have become a professional eye-roller when it comes to the why aren’t you published yet question.
      You should do NaNo next year. It was an interesting journey. I had been working on the final edit rewrite for the book I’m pitching and I needed a break. NaNo was a good break. Unfortunately (or maybe not) it’s time to rewrite the query letter and start pitching again.
      Good luck with your children’s book ~

      PS I’m a total Robsessed Chick ~ Loved New Moon and the rock hard abs! hehehe

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