Posted by: drizl | November 30, 2009

Are you INsane?

I can feel it. That awful sensation where you wonder what the f*ck you are doing . That totally shitty feeling that rolls over you knocking you down to the floor. Why am I writing this blog. You are not a REAL writer. I suck. It’s stupid. Do something real. You’re wasting your time. It will never happen. Quit dreaming. Are you Insane…Well, maybe…The list goes on and on dragging you down into the abyss of  I give up…And then someone looks at you and says “I heard you are writing a book. I can’t imagine doing that. It’s great.” I guess so but I can’t even get an agent to read it. “But you wrote an entire novel.” I know but no one is reading it. “I thought some of your friends read it.” Yep, but they are my friends. They’re not going to tell me they hate it. “But did they read the whole book?” I think so. They seem to want to read the second story. “You wrote TWO books?” I’ve been on a roll and there’s a third story not related to the other two. “Wow, you must really enjoy writing.” I guess I do, but it still comes back to the I can’t get an agent. “You have to keep trying. Agents are people who have opinions. You just haven’t hooked up with the right one yet.”  I guess so. “Let me ask you something.” Okay. “If someone told you that you would never get published would you quit writing?” Heavy sigh…I don’t think I can quit writing…I crave it… “It seems that you already know what you are.”  Huh? “You are a writer. No matter if you are published or not. You can claim the title, so repeat after me….I am a writer!”  iamawriter… “You can do better than that.” i am a writer. “Oh come on Claim It, Own It, Believe It!”

All right!  For crying out loud.. I AM A F*cking WRITER…


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