Posted by: drizl | December 3, 2009

NaNo Story Blocking

My NaNo story is driving me crazy. I’ve been working on the edit since November 26 and I’m gettng nowhere, but I can’t seem to let it rest. It’s like I need to find out what happens in the story but it’s not letting me because something is still not correct. Damn! I mentioned I don’t believe in writer’s block but the past few days I’ve been using that backspace/delete button A LOT!

It’s a lot like how I’m starting out this morning. One minute I’m sleeping the next I’m flying out of bed because the clock says you overslept. I hate mornings, especially cold winter mornings. I’m in that ‘I hate my life’ and ‘I bet if I had a published book everything would be better’ mood. (Insert evil laughter add some intense eye rolling) Writing it makes it sound even more stupid. Maybe just a little upheaval in the life category would do me some good, but now I have to wait until January to start with querys again and this current story is driving me crazy. I have an idea…I’m going to New Moon this afternoon. I’m sure that will fix all that ails me or maybe just make it worse.

This blog seems absolutely pointless today. I’m just ranting and whining about something I want but haven’t achieved yet. Don’t think that’s very healthy. Did you ever want something so bad that it consumes you, almost to the point of insanity? Kinda where I am right now. Plus in the back of my mind there’s someone clawing at a blackboard laughing at me, saying these are just dreams and that’s where they are going to stay. Awful feeling…shudder…so what’s the remedy for this malady? The only thing I can think of is to keep writing and submitting. I am currently dusting off the suit of armour mentioned in yesterday’s post.


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