Posted by: drizl | December 3, 2009

Word Nightmare (Microsoft that is)

I’m trying to decide if this fits under are you really that f*cking stupid or How the hell was I supposed to know that?! A few days ago I purchased the Microsoft Word Student Edition because it was on sale and my friend who helps edit my stories needed a Word program. I decided to load this one on my computer. Well, after it was installed I couldn’t find any of my stories. After several tense minutes, a a very interesting spree of word trash and many threatening gestures I found the stories. Whew, because my laptop was in jeopardy of becoming small pieces of plastic. Over the next few days I have been trying to get familiar with this program because it just different enough to be annoying. This is where it gets even better…so I’ve been editing like mad lately on the NaNo story. Today I’m rereading a chapter when I notice sentences I know I changed. What the hell is going on? I read some more and think okay I changed this last night and now it’s back to the original wording. Someone must be screwing with my head or this program just sucks. Or maybe I’m the idiot! Yes, I’m the idiot. This program did not import the stories…it saves them in two different spots so essentially I’ve opened two different saves and edited different parts of the story on each save. OMG I’m going to have to print one copy out and compare it to the story now currently saved in the new version of Word. Way beyond frustrated!!! 



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