Posted by: drizl | December 7, 2009

Writer’s Conferences & Speed Dating

I’ve been looking at different writer’s conferences on the internet the last few days and they all seem to fall on a weekend that is already full. I really was interested in going to the San Francisco writer’s conference but it falls on a weekend I’m scheduled to be at a wedding in Florida.Sort of on the other side of the continent. I did find a smaller one called the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) writer’s conference which runs April 10-11.  I have until mid January to decide if I’m going to attend it. I keep thinking back to my first writer’s conference and I must admit, I’m a little gun shy after that blasted meeting with that stupid editor. I know I’m supposed to have filed that meeting away under “the guy was a complete dickhead”  Right?? Crap, don’t you hate it when self doubt creeps into your head.  And all this other crap like pitching an agent. You have 10 minutes to pitch an agent your story. I am so NOT good at doing shit like that. It’s uncomfortable and a little creepy sitting in a room surrounded with other people desperately trying to find the right words to tease an agent into asking for your manuscript or at least some pages. Makes my stomach whirl just thinking about it. Okay, so I’ve never actually done that but I read the description of pitching at the DFW conference and they said you were in a room with other agents and authors. It sounds like speed dating.

I want to know if these conferences are worth it? All I got out of the last conference was a ginormous headache and the urge to slap a dude across the face. Although I did meet some really nice people and I do have a writer’s group now. Guess it wasn’t all that bad…



  1. I’ve gone to the DFW Writers’ Conference the last two years and enjoyed it. (Truth in advertising here: I belong to the DFW Writers’ Workshop which sponsors the conference.)

    About 200 people normally attend, so it’s somewhat smaller than other conferences, but that means you get more time with the agents. There are the 10-minute pitches, but also the classes the agents teach, lunch with the agents on Saturday and Sunday, and a party Saturday night. It’s not so much speed dating, but more like a weekend long get-to-know-ya.

    I hope you decide to attend the conference. By the way, you have until January 31 to get the discounted price of $185. Thereafter, it goes up to $235.

    • It’s sounds great and I’ve already signed up. Trying to decide if I should sign up for the Hook ’em contest. Can’t wait!!

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