Posted by: drizl | December 8, 2009

Them’s fightin’ Words, Vampire!

I have been hard pressed to come by words for the NaNo story these past few days. I even decided to write down an outline because I know where I want the story to go it’s just not going there right now. Does that even make sense? Stupid Vampires fighting me every step of the way.  What’s up with that? What’s even more annoying is a couple of the characters who I’m trying to hold out of the story for a bit keep popping up trying to bust into the story early. I have to keep rewriting the scenes to keep them out. I think that’s my biggest roadblock is knowing that I have to rewrite a rather large section of the story to make it fit only there are still a couple pieces missing. Ya know, like when you’re doing a puzzle and you cannot find the last edge piece. I think the cat ran off with the piece. Grumble. I wonder what other writer’s do when their story is fighting them?

So my solution for the lost pieces was to take  yesterday off barely touching the story. Today I’m taking the morning off to go Xmas shopping. Yuck, but guess it has to be done. This afternoon I am going to force myself to make the story move forward. I’m going to get it right. In between all this story struggling, I’m going to register for the Dallas-Fort Worth writer’s conference. THUD. A friend of mine already signed up making it a much easier decision. I won’t be totally ALONE…It’s still nerve racking though.

This is another rambling post. From story problems to writer’s conferences. I’m also trying to book a flight to get to a wedding in Florida in February. Sun and warmth here I come. I need a bathing suit. *shudders* But I need a new suit because the one I own is too big. That’s a good thing, but I still don’t like wearing them. Now I’m way off the writing thing. Where the hell was I going with this blog. I hope my day doesn’t go like this. All disjointed, not making much sense. Maybe I should curl up with a good book and not do anything today. Very tempting, but not at all likely to happen. I plan to spend the morning with crabby shoppers and the afternoon hidden in my vampire world.


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