Posted by: drizl | December 9, 2009

Hidden Musical Gems for Writing

Did you ever hear a song that made you want to write a whole book around that one tune. Well, I did. I haven’t written the book yet, but I did write an outline and the story continues to haunt me. It’s rather annoying because I need to complete the NaNo vampire story before I start another story. I’m sure you are dying to know what the song is…amazingly enough it’s an older song I found while listening to Pandora. What a great internet radio station. I’ve found a lot of songs on that service I would not have heard because they were never released as singles. Since the song inspired an actual outline I figured it deserves a shout out, because as stated before I DON’T normally(who said anything about normal?) work with an outline. But since I’m in the middle of another story I had to do something so I wouldn’t forget the premise. The song is by Three Doors Down called Here By Me from the album Seventeen Days.  The song is a bonus track. Jeez, I love bonus tracks. There’s another song that gets my panties in a knot by Buckcherry called Open My Eyes. It’s on their Time Bomb album. They call the song a Ghost Track.  Sigh, definitely a heavy sigh for those two songs.  I sound like an advertisement. There’s a few more songs that evoke some of the characters I’ve written about.  Every time I hear My Immortal by Evanescence I think of a character named Jaden in my time jumpers story. I’m not exactly sure why but when I want to tune in to him I listen to that song.

It’s amazing how much music inspires my writing. I always have music playing when I’m writing. I have tried writing in silence but it doesn’t seem to work as well. I need the music to move me. I’m listening to music right now. Song that’s currently playing is Time for Miracles by Adam Lambert. Music can turn a shitty day better or a craptastic sentence into one that shines. Does that make sense? It does for me…


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