Posted by: drizl | December 11, 2009

Humming the Song of the Week…

Ohmygod, a couple days ago while listening to Pandora, that wonderful internet radio station, it spit out the most glorious, funny song  by Theory of a Deadman called Hate My Life. For someone who has had that particular feeling since about February the song hit home. It’s funny as hell and makes me laugh out loud everytime I listen to it. At the same time it makes me want to flip everyone off while yelling F*ck You World. Bahahaha! Sometimes the bottled up feelings need to be released. *snicker*

This week real life has kicked my ass, totally screwing with my writing schedule. The writing was pretty nonexistent this week, but it’s been a great week as far as inspirations and Epiphanies go.  And now back to our regularly scheduled program called Real Life….I have to go to work today and believe me, I’ll be humming the song all day!


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