Posted by: drizl | December 15, 2009

“Not trying is NOT acceptable…” said the unpublished writer.

It’s back to this again…Heavy Sigh…Why am I doing this? My story sucks ass add. Why am I putting all this time and effort into something that will never be published. Today I find myself wondering if other writers had days like this. Did JK Rowling ever want to burn her manuscript and say f*ck it. Did Stephenie Meyer ever think Twilight was just another stupid vampire story? I don’t understand how to keep the belief going day after day when nothing seems to be working out. Crap, crap, crap. Am I an idiot for trying? *bangs head against table*

Okay, moving into the other lane of traffic. Not really driving but I’m trying to get out of the lane of despair and into the lane of good vibes and strong belief. Ah, that’s better. Keep trying, keep pushing forward, because if you don’t believe in your story, no one will. Keep your eye on the prize…A real live hard cover(okay, so I’d take paperback too) book filled with your words, your characters, your everything. Put it all out there and Believe Believe Believe.

There should be a spot where down and out writers can go for a pat on the back, a word of encouragement or just a knowing smile from someone’s who’s been there and done that.  Someone who can tell you, look at me, it can happen. I hope one day to be just that person, because I will encourage any one out there who is chasing a dream, not matter what it is…big or small, crazy or not so crazy, whatever…It’s the trying that matters because not trying is pointless and cruel…not trying is never knowing what could be possible. Not trying is staying stagnant. Not trying is NOT acceptable.



  1. Aw, I’ll give you a pat on the back. 🙂 I know exactly how you feel, and I’m pretty sure that every other writer in the universe (or at least planet Earth) does, too. And you’re right – not trying is unacceptable. If you never try, then you’re not writing… you’re daydreaming. Maybe you should make a ‘pat on the back’ blog for every other despondent writer, where we can all just give each other pats on the back.

    • “If you never try, then you’re not writing…you’re daydreaming”
      I absolutely adore that sentiment! How many times have you heard people say I should write a book or I’m thinking about wiriting a book, but….But what?

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