Posted by: drizl | December 16, 2009

So, Is Your Book Published Yet?

Someone made a great comment on my blog yesterday. If you never try, then you’re not writing…you’re daydreaming. Gawd I love that. When someone finds out you’ve written a book and are trying to get published somewhere in the conversation it comes up. They look at you and say…I’ve thought about writing a book, but…depending on my mood of the moment several things could come out of my mouth. “That’s nice. You should do it.” (it’s not as easy as saying it) or how about…”How come you just don’t write it then?” (get off your lazy ass and do it) or “Well, I thought about it then did it.” (So there, ha) or my crabby moment favorite is “I really don’t give a f*ck. I did write a book and now I’m busting my ass trying to get it published. I don’t really care if you thought about doing it. It’s not the same. Anyone can say they want to write a book. I actually took the time, sat down and absolutely tortured myself day in and day out and wrote the damn thing.” (hmphf)

I’d probably lose a lot of friends if I like it rip like that, but sometimes I just would like to do it. Especially when someone asks you “So, have you gotten your book published yet?” Makes me want to rip my f*cking hair out by the roots. I would like to grab them by the shoulders, shake them and say “I’m doing the best I can. It’s hard work putting the words in the right order to entice an agent who gets hundreds of querys a week. If I knew the magic formula I’d hit you in the head with my published book.”

I must be crabby today. Maybe I should go back to bed. Hpmf!


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