Posted by: drizl | December 17, 2009

Discipline? Just Sit Down & Write!

Today is writing day…I haven’t had a writing day for quite awhile and I desperately need one. All I’ve been doing lately is editing and doing rewrites. Those get really boring, so today I’m making myself write something new. I don’t care if it’s pure shizz and I end up backspacing the whole thing, I just need to write something new.  I may sneak back to my NaNoWriMo story for a peek at the vampires or I may start something totally new. It’s okay to have four stories going at the same time right? Only problem with that is trying to keep all the plots and characters separate.

I started this blog in the morning. It’s now afternoon and I haven’t written a thing. Too busy doing nothing, I guess. I’m very undisciplined today. That’s one thing about writing;  you have to have some sort of discipline to actually get yourself to sit down and write. My computer is open to my stories and I’ve done a little editing but no writing. Sometimes I wonder how other writers do it. What makes them sit down and start writing. Do you set an egg timer and write for a specific amount of time? Do you work on the same story day in and day out until it’s finished or do you work on whatever strikes your fancy? I haven’t decided what type of writer I am. Maybe I don’t fit into any of those categories. I do know that I would like to be finished with the final edit/rewrite of the first time jumper story. Then I would like someone to tell me to leave it alone, rewrite the query letters and start the whole process of trying to get someone to read the story. Sigh! I did take a giant leap today. I registered for the Dallas/Fort Worth Writers Conference in April.  Just typing that out makes my stomach queasy.  The ticket includes a one on one ten minute pitch to an agent.

Must focus…need to write…find the discipline….Maybe I’ll go to the mall



  1. I love to write and never have enough time so when I sit down to write I generally write though if I get really, really stuck on something I may have to take a short break to clear my head or work on something else. Everyone needs to find what works for them.

  2. I liked this post–I did NaNoWriMo for the first time this year(was talked into it, actually)and loved it. But the rewrite is tough! Egg timers–ugh! Not for me!

    Thanks for sharing the post!

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