Posted by: drizl | December 18, 2009

Today has been Cancelled!

The day from hell just keeps getting better. First, I’m still struggling with rewriting and editing. Who likes doing that shizz? Not me. Every time I open that story up it’s like poking needles into my eyeballs.  Groan, rewrites suck!  Editing sucks and  did I mention I hate commas!

I decided I needed some new music on my Ipod. Maybe new tunes would inspire the rewrite and make the day happier. So I added my new Muse CD to my catalogue. It downloaded the names of the songs in Chinese characters. Three of them are in English. WTF?? I mean is this normal or does this shit only happen to me. I’m almost scared to leave the house today. I’m thinking I should just stay home and add some Baileys to my frappacino. Maybe my rewrites would go better if I was a little buzzed. Maybe it would help pump this blog up. Maybe if the sun would shine things would look brighter or maybe I should just go back to bed and start the day over or cancel it all together. Yep, that’s it. I’m cancelling today.


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