Posted by: drizl | December 21, 2009

Fan Fiction Writing

I did so much editing yesterday I have no idea what to write about today. I may have used all my words up. I really would like to continue editing and writing today but I think I hear real life calling me. Someone reminded me that Christmas is this week. Phftt.

I did start writing a fan fiction piece. I’m really not sure why and I don’t know if I’ll ever upload it and make it public, but ya never know. I never thought I’d be doing this either, blogging I mean.  Well, for that matter, I never thought I’d be trying to break into the world of writing. And I never, ever thought I’d tell anyone what I was doing. I’ve lost my freaking mind.

For those who do not know what fan fiction is well, you basically use the characters created in a movie, book or whatever and create your own story. Fan fiction is a weird medium. I just recently found it and it’s become rather addicting. Some of the writers are incredibly talented. It leaves me wondering why they don’t create their own characters and stories. They really are that good! Others, well, let’s just say some reads are very painful. Some are so bad I can’t even get through the first paragraph, but I’ll give them all kudos for doing it. It takes balls to expose yourself or at least your psuedo self since most of us are disguised as cute little avis and screen names.  There’s also different heat levels of fan fiction from rated K for everyone to rated M for those of us who like a little spice in the writing. A little spice? Who am I kidding, it’s the whole f*cking spice rack! I’ve totally lost my train of thought now. Weren’t we supposed to be discussing writing. Um yeah…So, I think I’ll go write a little bit now. Maybe some rated M fanfiction. *giggle*

If I peaked your curiousity ~ just check it out


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