Posted by: drizl | December 22, 2009

The New Year Writing Resolutions…Or not?

To list or not to list, that is the burning question. Do you create a this is what I want to accomplish in the New Year list or not? I mean do you sit down and write out your goals for the year? I was thinking about my writing goals for the next year and to accomplish most of them I’m going to need some righteous help from people. I think I need to have two lists. One will be the actual goals which I can attain by hard work. Things on that list would include:

1. Completing the Time Jumper Series 2. Writing the new query for the first book 3. Actually sending the query out 4. Don’t forget the synopsis 5. Send the entire manuscript to publishers who accept paranormal romance stories without an agent 6.Edit the Storm Tales and write the next book in that series. 7.Repeat 2,3,4 8.Finish NaNoWriMo vampire story 9. Write that fan fiction piece and POST IT (shudders) 10. Write the chic story idea without any paranormal stuff (real life shizz scares me) And the list could continue on and on and on…

Now the second list would be the I Wish this Would Happen List, but I’m Gonna Need Some Help:

1.Get an agent 2. Get Published! (that’s the big one ~ in theory this could be the only one on this list) 3.Well, as long as we’re dreaming here ~ Best Seller List 4. Book Tour 5. Mulitple Book Deal 6. Movie Deal 7. Meet Robert Pattinson…..where did THAT come from? faints….THUD…can’t believe I’m writing this stuff in plain view of like, everyone…GASP…groans…comes back down to reality…crumples up dream list, but you never know do you…some of this shizz must happen to someone…smooths out list again and sticks it in journal. Sigh…IF ONLY


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