Posted by: drizl | December 23, 2009

Christmas? What? I’m too busy Writing!

Christmas eve is what?  Tomorrow! When did this happen? I think I’ve been in my writing cave too much lately. I don’t seem to be ready for Christmas. Someone should have warned me it was coming. Guess I’ll spend today running around with my head cut off trying to finish all the Christmas crap that I’m not really interested in doing. Blah. I’d rather be writing.

I wrote the first chap of my fan fiction last night. It’s in a holding pen. I haven’t taken the next step and pushed the upload story button. I should probably write an outline for the thing so I have some sort of idea where the story is going but I don’t roll that way. However, once the story in online I can’t go back and edit things I don’t like. I’m still trying to figure out why I’m doing this in the first place? I think I just wanna have a little fun and see if I can do it. Another goal I guess. Maybe I had that on my realistic attainable goals list from yesterday. I can write the story, I can post the story, but I have no control over if anyone reads it or not. Sigh. I don’t have control over a lot of stuff and man, I like to be in control. And I want to be a professional writer? I need therapy.


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