Posted by: drizl | December 24, 2009

Fan Fiction? I’ve Lost my Mind!

Holy shizz, I was up until 2 am yesterday or would that be today…writing…fan fiction. I have officially lost my mind. And I have yet to post it on line. It’s still tucked away in a holding cave. I can’t figure out what exactly I’m waiting for. I’m really just using it as an exercise. It’s nice to write about characters we already know. I’m working on developing the story more because we already know the characters. And I desperately needed a break from my own characters. Sometimes they can be a pain in the ass. On the brightside, the editing and rewrite of A Jump Through Time is coming along nicely. The character development is going well and the story is really fleshing out. I am anxious to complete the edit and move on to the third book. I’m ready to figure out how this story will end. I mean I sort of know, but I may have to write two separate endings. Unless during the rewrites, the characters tell me how the story will end. Either way it will be hard to write. Blah.

Not much time for writing today. Unless the blizzard materializes and keeps me at home. Might not be so bad.


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