Posted by: drizl | December 27, 2009

Pimping Fan Fiction Writing & Reading

OMG This Fan fiction thing is crazy cool! I highly recommend it for all aspiring authors. People are actually reading my stuff and it’s a kick. I’m going to use this as a way to keep my confidence up when I start up the querying process again on my original novel. Plus I’m learning a lot about creating a good story, making it flow and getting people hooked right away. First five pages you say, try the first two lines. Or the little blurb used as a teaser.

So, for all you wanna-be writers check out this fan fiction stuff. You can write entire stories or start small by writing a one-shot. You can write for everyone or spice up the story to rated M ~ for mature ~ and lots of lemons. A lemon is a very descriptive sexual experience. Ah, lemons, there’s no other way to write fan fiction. I read a lot of young adult fiction and believe me, those poor characters never get to have any fun. Fan Fiction gives those characters a chance to have some fun. Don’t wait until Breaking Dawn for Edward and Bella to *ahem* get it on and then have the scence ‘fade to black.’ I want to know what they did. *giggle* Feel sorry for Jace and Clary in the Mortal Instruments series ~ Yeah, read some fan fiction and watch these characters get their freak on. One can only take so much teenage angst before the shit has to hit the fan and someone gets lucky.

Side note: I think I read somewhere that Cassandra Clare author of the Mortal Instruments series wrote fan fiction.

So readers  and writers alike, check out this interesting form entertainment. It’s so worth it. But watch out, it’s really addicting!

My blog yesterday included a link to one of my stories.


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