Posted by: drizl | December 28, 2009

Does anyone have any extra time I could borrow?

I just read a great quote on a blog. If you don’t write it, it won’t get done. Well duh! Seems so simple and yet, it’s so true.

I’ve spent the last few days totally immersed in fan fiction. I keep bringing the website up to check how many hits I’ve gotten on my stories. Makes me giggle everytime I check the numbers. Wouldn’t it be cool if the numbers were book sales. Sigh. So, how am I going to balance all this writing shizz. The good news, I’ve been writing like mad. The bad news, if that’s the word, is that I haven’t been working on my stuff. Well, I mean, the fan fiction is my stuff, but I sort of abandoned my characters. I need to figure out some sort of balance between the two. I really enjoy the fan fiction, but I would enjoy it more if I was holding a copy of my own book in my hand.

And then, if things weren’t already complicated enough, real life has to stick it’s nose into my writing time. What a pain in the ass. Plus my reading has suffered the last few days. I have stacks of books to read. I may need to hire a time manager. Someone to tell me okay, step away from the computer and pick up that book. Put the pen down and do some laundry. Could you please get the next chapter up on fan fiction.

Does anyone have some spare time they could lend me.



  1. Sorry, no spare time here. Between writing, family, preparing for new job and preparing for moving I am out of time. It is really hard sometimes to make time for all the things that need to get done but I find that if I set rigid time limits for all the things I need to do most of them get some time.

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