Posted by: drizl | December 30, 2009

Plan of Action

 I just read my horoscope online and it’s telling me that I’m running in circles right now and I need to take control. Make a plan of action. What is it you want? Write it down and encourage yourself to follow it. My horoscope in the newspaper tells me to take a  nap. My chinese horoscope tells me not to get snappy and to avoid confrontations. It seems like a good day to stay hidden in my writing cave and not talk to anyone.

As discussed yesterday I need to rewrite that stupid query for my novel and yet, here I sit, putting it off again because I’m writing this blog. And then I need to work on my fan fiction and then I need to write another one shot for fan fiction and then I need to…I really don’t need to do any of that. I NEED to  rewrite that query and revisit literary websites to find the perfect agent to hook up with. Could someone just tell me if there’s an agent out there for me. It would certainly save a lot of heartache and trouble.

Okay so here’s the plan of action for today. Look at old query. I suppose looking at it isn’t enough. That’s really not action. So, I’ll reread the first five pages of the book. Now comes the fun part…let’s get our notebook out with all the No’s from the first go round of queries. I’m not even sure where it is so that might take a few minutes to round up. Then start making a list of new agents to query. Is there anyone else out there is writers land that is in the same place as me? What’s your plan of action?

Shit I think I’ll just go write some more fan fiction. My one shot lemon story from Mortal Instruments has had 374 hits. Talk about instant gratification.


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