Posted by: drizl | January 2, 2010

Some bests from 2009

I decided to do the best of ’09 blog today.

1. December 1 Trip – Um yeah, the only place I went in 2009 was to Minneapolis a few times, but this year I’ve already planned two exciting trips. Florida in February. I love the sound of that. The words just roll off your tongue. Plus it’s damn cold here! Second trip is to Dallas-Fort Worth for a writer’s conference. That comes around in April. I think I’m already nervous.

December 4 – Book – Well, d’uh, that had to be the Twilight series because reading it made me start writing my own stories as well as my new adventure into the world of fanfiction. I’ve pimped it, rec’d it, discussed it, and defended it.

December 6 – workshop/conference  This had to be the first writer’s conference I attended. I referenced it a lot in my blogging because it was an eye-popping experience. One that when (notice I say when) I become a published author I will share with everyone. I had a one on one with an editor and the jerk told me to put the story in a drawer. It still burns my add to think about it. What the hell was helpful about that suggestion? Asshole!

Decemeber 9 –  challenge of the year – That’s got to go to the whole process of querying agents. I learned a lot and hopefully, 2010 will be the year of the YES…even thought most of the no’s came with personalized rejections (which is good, I guess) I’d like a yes please.

December 10 – album of the year Has to go to the Twilight album ~ the first one! I did buy the second one, but I only like a few songs on the album. I did discover the band Muse and they are totally rocking my world. Music is definitely a huge part of my writing.

December 14 – rush My rush of the year was when an agent asked for the first five pages. Doesn’t sound like much, but when I opened that email and saw sounds intriguing please send first five pages…I swear my stomach dropped to my knees.

December 20 – new person It’s not really a person. It’s a whole bunch of people who I have a blast with over at RAoR. We dish about Robert Pattinson and in general, just have a some dirty fun.

December 26 – epiphany moment  The funny thing is I really did have an epiphany this year & I blogged about it. It was a moment I realized why I was writing and why I wanted to be a writer. Writing is creating a world and characters so engaging that the reader does not want to return to Real Life. The sort of stories that make it almost impossible to set the book down. A story that keeps the reader up until the last page is turned, the final scene completed and after the book is finished the reader is still thinking about it , wanting to talk to someone about this great book.

So, those are some of my bests from the year of 2009…I hope 2010 Rocks Hard and my life and career head go down the path that is in my head. Maybe the 2010 post will include signed with an agent, signed a book deal, still writing!

Oh, another chapter up on Fan Fiction for the Game on Baby story (Twilight based ~ Warning for language and hawt lemons)


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