Posted by: drizl | January 4, 2010

Pimping the Query

Heavy Sigh ~ It’s January 4th and time to get back into the real world. Rats! I really liked hanging out in my fanfiction cave these past few days. It’s been quite the experience posting stories on that site, reading the reviews and watching the number of hits increase. They even break down the hits by country. Where the hell is Myanmar? Some other countries include Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Nepal, Italy, Estonia, Croatia, UAE, Singapore, Norway, Sweden, plus many more. Holy Crow that’s so cool.

So, with my reviews and number of hits displayed prominently, I’m breaking out the query for A Jump Through Time. *groan* It’s time to revise and hit send. I’m gathering my list of agents together and I’m going to pimp this story until someone out in agentville reads the damn thing! Look out, Drizl is on the warpath today. Maybe I should get started on the query immediately.

But first, I need to check my email and then I’m going to check the number of hits on my stories. Jeez, writing fanfiction is like a f*cking drug. Is this what it’s like when your book hits the best seller list?
Constantly checking and rechecking your sales number? I wonder if there’s a place you can go, to check the number of times your book has been checked out of the library.  Wouldn’t it be cool to google your book and have a bunch of fan sites come up. I think I’m obsessed with numbers.

*I’ve had 1242 hits on fanfiction since I posted my first story on December 25 with virtually no pimping. Well, I pimped it yesterday on RAoR (another one of my addictions) 

Any suggestions for surviving the world of writing will gladly be accepted. Laters!


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