Posted by: drizl | January 5, 2010

Yes Darling, your writing sucks today

Focus. Focus is the word of the day since I have absolutley no focus at the moment. Is it possible to be writing too many things at once? Yesterday I tried to focus on a new query. It was pretty much a fail. Epic Fail, because I did not get a single word on the page. I didn’t get a single word on any page yesterday. I tried but it all came out sounding like …and they did this and then this happened and so forth and so on, yes darling your writing totally sucks today. You’re just spewing out stuff you’re not making me part of the story. Yeah, yeah, shut the f*ck up. Sometimes I hate that little voice in my head.

The funny thing is, I can usually tell when my writing sucks. Sometimes forcing myself to keep trying works, sometimes walking away from it for awhile works. Yesterday nothing worked. I coudn’t come up with one decent sentence. I even moved to different parts of the house. A change of scenery did me no good. What do I think today is going to bring. Well, for starters, I can’t seem to get into one of my email accounts, I’m sick of winter, I need some new songs on my Ipod, um…I think I better shut up before I talk myself into having a crappy day.

I sincerely hope everyone else is having a good writing day. If you are, send me a good sentence. I need some inspiration!



  1. Things will get better, don’t worry ^^

    • ThanXs uninvoked!!!

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