Posted by: drizl | January 15, 2010

Synopsis from Hell *#@!$^&!)

OMFG, I’m beyond frustrated at the moment. That stupid two page 12 point courier synopsis is driving me crazy. How can you reduce a three hundred plus page book into two pages. Yeah, um, this is the main character, she does this, this and this. The f*cking End. I swear that’s all you can fit in two pages using Courier and double spacing it. I don’t know what to cut and what to keep. Isn’t a synopsis supposed to reveal the beginning and ending of the book with a litle plot thrown in to tempt. I’m pulling my hair out here!

I want to give up and just send the 3 1/2 page synopsis. Maybe the contest judges wouldn’t notice I included an extra page. I mean you jam it all into an email. Right? Well, f*ck, I’m so screwed!!

I obviously need to step away from the synopsis for a minute or two or I may toss my laptop out the window. No, the wise thing would be to return to something you enjoy. Can I go back to the fanfiction cave? I really need to work on the Game on Baby story. For the last few days I’ve been tangled up in the I Remember Me story. Much more serious and sappy. I like funny Edward better. Although the last chapter for I Remember You was so full of lemons that I had to take a cold shower.

Okay, I’ll look at that synopsis again. After all the clock is ticking on the one. The entry has to be in today. Crap!!


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