Posted by: drizl | January 16, 2010

Synopsis From Hell Conquered!!

My f*cking Gawd, talk about sliding under the deadline. I just emailed that stupid 2 page 12 pt Synopsis from hell and the first five pages for that Hook ‘Em contest. I kept hemming and hawing trying to decide if I should do it or not. Finally WTF won out and I entered the contest. I’m exhausted!

I cannot believe I condensed a three hundred plus page book into less than 500 words. I’m not totally satisifed with the thing, but it’s done and entered now. I have no control over it. I don’t even know if I really entered it into the correct category but nothing I can do about that now. And ya never know if the email will reach its destination. It could disappear in cyber space.

Whatever happens, happens and I will have no regrets because I did what I set out to do. Woo Hoo! Now it’s time to start on the real query and real synopsis for the book. Most agents allow a three to five page synopsis typed in 12 pt Times Roman. Way more words! And the query, well, I think I’ve got a great opening paragraph. I just need two more to go along with the first. How hard can it be?  

And as my reward, I’m going to spend a little time in the fanfiction cave. I need to get back to the next chappie of Game on Baby and do the final edit for Chapter 8 in I Remember You. Also been getting a lot of requests to write more in the Mortal Instruments category. I originally did a one shot lemon in that category. And lastly, I’m going to enter an upcoming Chapter from I Remember You involving lemons and the Twilight Cars. (The Silver Volvo in particular) I suppose since I wrote that down in plain sight, I now have to do it. Shizz! The links to these fanfics are back a few blogs. Have a look, but remember they are for Mature Audiences Only. If you are too young they will burn your retinas!

I really do need to get back to my original stories, but I also need to finish the fanfics I started writing.


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