Posted by: drizl | January 18, 2010

One Page Synopsis? Are You Kidding?

I can honestly say I had one of the strangest weekend ever. Too bad it didn’t involve writing…well, in a way it did because the communicating was done via texting. Okay, filing that under just don’t go there.

So, this week I’m heading back to the real life writing of that evil query and synopsis. Of course, I will also be in the fanfiction cave because I need to update those stories. Another fanfiction writer and have started up a correspondence. We are trying to figure out the best way to write fanfiction. I don’t use outlines, because I can never stick with them, but with fanfiction once the chapter is posted it’s really hard to go back and edit, especially if you have plot problems. So, do you write the entire story and then start posting it or do you write a few chapters at a time, which is currently what I’m doing.

Another friend emailed me a link to another writing competition. This one involves the first twenty five pages of the book and I don’t think I have to use 12 pt. Courier type, so it would actually be the real twenty five pages of the book. I’m going to reread and see what I’ve got. OMFG, I just looked at the submission guidelines for that contest. They want a one page synopsis. Are they crazy?! I thought the two page synopsis sucked. However, maybe that two page synopsis is really a one page synopsis in regular type. I’m going to have to check that out. I think the deadline for that contest is February 15th. I suppose I should start working on it, so I’m not doing it at the last minute again. Now that’s an idea.

And now I’m off to start the day. Groan.


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