Posted by: drizl | January 19, 2010

One Page Synopsis = One Long Run-on Sentence

Bad Girl. I’ve been in the fanfiction cave again and not working on my Real Life query. After the synopsis from hell though I needed a little break and I needed to update Game On Baby. Chapter 5 is up and Edward’s smutty texting on the tennis court. Reminder warning ~ my fanfiction writing is full of nasty language and naughty lemons so if it’s not your thing don’t click the link.

So what’s on tap for today in the world of my writing? Converting the synopsis to a one page read. I wonder if they allow shorthand or one long run-on sentence. And then this and then…Yep, I’m rolling my eyes again. I do almost have a viable query ready to send out into the world of agents again. Just a few more tweaks and I’ll be sending querys out into the cyber space world again. I think I’m ready for the waiting and hoping and wondering and praying and all that shizz that comes with putting yourself out there. I don’t suppose I’ve told anyone how I hate being out of control of things. Seems to happen a lot these days. I should be getting used to it. Sigh. Heavy f*cking sigh!

So, it’s off to tackle the query problems, probably write a little more fanfiction and gaze at the one page synopsis. What more can I cut before it’s just once upon a time this happened and then it ended. Please read the story. It’s good…I promise.



  1. where would you get a great idea such as smut texting I love it….hmmm

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