Posted by: drizl | January 25, 2010

Throw the Confetti! The Query is Complete

OMG OMG jumping up and down. I finally have, in my hand, a completed copy of my query AND I’m actually satisfied with the damn thing. I may pass out. Now if I only knew if it has the correct words to attract an agent. Gah, nothing is ever easy is it!! What do they always say nothing good is ever easy. Well, f*ck, just once wouldn’t it be nice if it was easy. 

Anyway, I’ve started compiling my list of agents to query. I found a new site that some agents use. I figure I might as well try it. I recognize the names of some of the agents so why not try this service. I started filling out my profile and now that I have a query, I might as well finish it and send it to the agents.

Thinking about sending out querys again makes my stomach hurt. I’m trying not to think about another flood of no’s. I really am trying to stay positive and hope for a yes. One is all it takes. Three little letters. YES. Crap, I’m starting to hyperventilate again. (rolls eyes) I know it’s ridiculous but I want this. I really want this. I don’t think I’ve ever focused on one thing for so long. I know it’s hasn’t been a year yet, but damn, I want it to happen. I try not to think about it not happening. That just makes me wanna gag.

Tomorrow I will start sending out querys again. I wonder if Tuesday is a good day to Query?


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