Posted by: drizl | January 27, 2010

The Email Query…Technology…Pfttt!

I swear technology is against me! Holy shizz, I’m trying to send out querys via email that look decent and lo and behold…they look like shit! If I cut and paste my word documents into my email they reformat themselves. What the Hell? It’s hard enough to send your stuff out already, I don’t need technology to f*ck it up for me. I am proud to say I can do than all by myself. And to make matters even better, my techy friend who actually likes to read directions doesn’t think there is a solution. So what, do I sit down and retype 50 pages of my manuscript into an email.

Then to make matters worse, I sit and think about all the querys I alread emailed. I wonder what the hell they looked like? Shit they probably weren’t even readable. The agents are probably wondering what kind of writer can’t even format a letter. *face palm*

Yesterday I did send out two hard copies to agents. At least I know how they are formatted, unless of course the Postal system decides to throw them in the mud or something. It would be just my luck. SIGH. I swear the cosmic universe is against me. Sometimes it makes me laugh, other times I kinda wanna cry, but usually I just want to flip it off and tell it to get f*cked. BAHAHAHA..,

Guess I better get to work on typing my email querys. JEEZ! 


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