Posted by: drizl | February 2, 2010

EBooks Self Publishing Info Overload!!

I’m on information overload. There is so much shit on the internet about self publishing and ebooks, a person could go mad reading it all. I admit I’m a total beginner and I’m just curious because I would like to have a backup plan if I can’t get any agents to even look at my stuff. I know I have a viable story and if no one in the industry is going to look at it…well self publishing seems to be the way to go. I refuse to put the damn thing in a f*cking drawer. grumble…grumble…Anyway, where the heck was I? Um, oh yeah, self publishing. I know I have admitted this many times before but I really hate reading all the background crap. (I’m not into reading directions) I just want someone to tell me the best way to go with self publishing. Anyone? Hello? Well, fack, guess that won’t work. I’m sure there are self publishing success stories aren’t there? Where the hell are they? I want to read some of them.

You may be asking why all the sudden interest in self publishing. Maybe it’s a control issue. Maybe it’s a I can’t stand the waiting anymore issue and I’m so freaking frustrated with this businesss that I can hardly stand it or maybe it’s because I really don’t understand why it takes so long to get a book from the computer to the comsumer. I mean I think people are reading right now and the industry should be riding the coat tails of successful books like Twilight and The Harry Potter Series. Why the hell wait for people to move on to other things? If you freaking have them in the bookstore now is the chance to pounce on them. I know people say creating a book takes time. The editing process…blah, blah, blah. Editing doesn’t take that long unless there are major plot or structural issues with the story and then it’s not editing, it’s called a freaking rewrite. Edit the book, choose the layout, design the cover, write the thank you’s and print the freaking book. Doesn’t sound that difficult to me. I’ve said it before…we are a NOW society and for some of us waiting is not in our nature. If I can’t have what I want now, then I’ll move on to something else. It’s as simple as that. So instead of trying to protect the book industry as it stands, I think we should embrace technology and use it to our advantage. I know their will be total shizz that gets printed, but hell, I’ve already read a lot of crap and they are printed books.

Whoa, that was a long rant. I must be passionate about my story.


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